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    Bill C-21 Onukwulu (The Best) Act 1970

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    Bill C-21 Onukwulu (The Best) Act 1970  Empty Bill C-21 Onukwulu (The Best) Act 1970

    Post by HHOC Staff on Sun May 18, 2014 1:29 pm

    Onukwulu (The Best) Act 1970 Bill C-21

    WHEREAS the nation of Quebec has wanted self-government

    WHEREAS many native Canadians such as the Iroquois can speak French affectively

    WHEREAS the native Canadian culture must be maintain


    1. The nation of Quebec will be granted sovereignty.
    a. the nation of Quebec will be made a self-governing nation
    b. all of Quebec will become a fascist state under the rule of his honourable the current Shadow Minister of Labour and Aboriginal Affairs
    c. all affairs of state will be personally decided by the shadow minister

    2. The nation of Quebec will be renamed to the “People’s Republic of Onukwulu”

    3. All debts incurred by the former province of Quebec will be waived

    4. Canadian constitutional law will not be applied to the nation of Onukwulu

    5. The new nation of Onukwulu will be mandated not to be involved in any international organization, mandates or law
    a. I.E. those set by the Geneva convention or Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other relevant declarations

    6. All Aboriginals will be given Onukwulu citizenship and be encouraged to relocate to that nation.
    7. To remove all military presence in Quebec and relocate throughout Canada.
    a. To leave behind all military installations and infrastructure
    8. The day of May 18th shall forever live on as “Fish-Slapping Day”

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