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    Draft Resolution 3.0


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    Draft Resolution 3.0 Empty Draft Resolution 3.0

    Post by DISEC_Bhutan on Sun May 18, 2014 1:29 pm

    Draft Resolution 3.0

    Canada International Model United Nations 2014

    Disarmament and International Security Committee

    Topic: Illicit Arms Trade

    Sponsor: Pakistan, Thailand, China, Panama, Singapore, Bhutan

    Signatories:Germany, India, France, Qatar, Morocco, Spain, Philippines, El Salvador, Cuba, Norway, Columbia, Cuba, Russia, Poland, Monaco, Colombia, Norway, Iceland, Israel, Monaco, Haiti, Creatia

    The Disarmament and International Security Committee,

    Noting with deep concern on the crimes induced by the illegal possession of SALW,

    Bearing in mind that the involvement and commitment of both the developing countries that consume the SALW and the developed countries that provide the SALW,

    Realizing the need to prevent the proliferation of illicit arms through controlling the production and the trade of them,

    Reminding the nations that foreign interference such as instilling a foreign military power would be detrimental to the prevention of the spread of SALW,

    Fully Aware of the consequences of letting civilians own small arms for personal protection

    1. Demands regular government checkups on their country’s manufacturers that has license to make sure that:

    a. To ensure that all trading is legal

    b. To ensure that the guns are being sent to the correct recipients

    2. Requests all the involved countries to reinforce their border control and to strengthen their inspection system in order to restrict the flow of illicit arms trade across borders by:

    a. Strengthening national legislations and administrative controls

    b. Keeping detailed and reliable national records on small arms transfers and national holdings within the border

    c. Deploying more technologies such as metal detector and x-ray machines

    3. Encourages trained NGOs to participate in reducing the corruption:

    a. To cooperate with the related departments

    b. To enhance the transparency

    c. To build closer connection between the departments and the people

    4. Calls upon nations to limit the export of SALW to a minimum:

    a. To ensure that the proliferation of illicit arms would be impeded at it’s root.

    b. To ensure that the arms produced, conventionally or through 3D Printing from countries with such technology would not spread to developing nations

    5. Encourages cooperation between the international community to curb terrorist activities, which are potentially linked to illegal arms trade, but not resort to military intervention by:

    a. Appealing countries to trace manufacturers across national borders and implement stringent rules to control their products

    b. Calling upon countries to establish a common international system of marking and tracing the weapons must be developed in order to prevent SALW from going to the wrong hands

    6. Enhances the the control over the weapon stocks by:

    a. Inventorying the number of the weapons

    b. Minimizing leakage of small arms from government stockpiles

    c. Destroying SALW and ammunition stockpiles that countries are not planning to use in the near future

    i)The respective countries will have a say on the subject for themselves

    7. Demands the cessation of military operations conducted by developed countries in developing countries as they will further induce the illicit arms trade by means including:

    a. Further increasing the demand for SALW by the sides engaging in the military conflicts,

    b. Further increasing the possibility for weapons intended for military usage to be proliferated into black markets and illegal trading network;

    8. Recommends greater national regulation on arms ownership and usage, as well as the types of arms civilians can own:

    a. by implementing mental checks at the time of licensing

    b. by introducing the licensing system to countries that do not have it

    c. by examining the reliability of the manufacturers and distributors

    i. previous criminal record

    ii. previous connection between the terrorists and rebellion

    iii. be able to give information of the final user

    9. Recommends extending the ATT to cover the manufacturing and transporting of 3D- printed arms by:

    a. Establishing a database used to trace CAD designs of 3D Printed weapons

    b. Establishing an international information exchange system to share information about potential illegal arms trade and to promote communication among pertaining countries

    c. Establishing a licensing system of 3D printers with the capability of producing 3D Printed Weapons such as the Direct Metal Laser Sintering Printer

    10. Recommends the ATT to specifying all clauses and regulations for sentencing criminals by:

    a. Reserving all the evidence of firearms before they are destroyed

    b. Enforcing that the firearms to be destroyed eventually after the trial of the criminal is complete

    11. Remains seized on the issue.

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