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    Post by DISEC_France on Sun May 18, 2014 1:24 pm

    Draft Resolution 1.0

    Canada International Model United Nations 2014

    Disarmament and International Security Committee

    Topic B: Illicit Arms Trade

    Sponsors: Djibouti, Spain, Brazil, France, Iran, Philippines

    Signatories: Israel, Djibouti, Spain, Brazil, France, Iran, Philippines, Qatar, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Ukraine, Singapore, China, Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Columbia, Norway, Chile, Austria, Finland, Cyprus, Belgium, Morocco, Laos, Iceland, Republic of Korea, Poland, Monaco, Sweden,

    The General Assembly,

    Reminding all nations the lack of systematic tracking of arms;

    Emphasizing the importance of the Arms Trade Treaty;

    Declaring the need for an increase in the security of national borders;

    Fully aware of the issues of Illicit Arms Trade and the effects it has on the global level and within each nations;

    1.Encourages all nations to sign and ratify the ATT (Arms Trade Treaty);

    a.Through the use of incentives such as financial aid and tariff reductions, and the safety of a nation’s citizens;

    b.No negative repercussions shall come if a nation decides to not sign and ratify the treaty;

    2.Calls upon the UN Sixth Committee to revise the Arms Trade Treaty by;

    a.Adding clauses pertaining to the increase of border security to further prevent arms trade;

    b.Adding clauses pertaining to the control of 3-D printed weapons by;

    i.Creating a evaluating program for the ownership of a 3-D printer;

    ii.Adding programming to 3-D printers to block any printing of arms;

    iii.Blocking online files that create the ability to print weapons, to the best of a nation’s ability;

    iv.Encourages nations ban the printing of 3-D weapons

    c. Adding clauses pertaining to enhance control of ammunition by;

    i. Posing greater security forces around ammunition stockpiles;

    ii. destroying all surplus ammunitions;

    3.Calling all nations involved in foreign aid or armed conflicts to limit the amount of arms that enters domestic circulation

    a.Many armed organisation within the Middle East received arms through the United States of America and Ex-United Soviet Socialist Russia

    b.Once conflicts are resolved or foreign forces are being withdrawn then ay excessive arms not for reformation of the country’s military are required to be removed

    4.Encourages the increased inspection of mail orders to prevent illicit gun parts from illegally entering a country as well as;

    a.Maintaining a database of all possible gun parts;

    b.Training of international customs for recognition of gun parts

    5.Calls upon nations to share intelligence information from their respective intelligence agencies regarding any organisation that have purchased or are suspected of purchasing illicit arms, such as;

    a.irregular groups and forces,

    b.their leaders and location;

    c.Set legislation orders regulating individual, including brokers, arms trade

    d.individuals trading arms to terrorist shall be accountable to the crimes the terrorists committed as well as the terrorists themselves;

    6.Further requests the aid of INTERPOL to act as international gun manufacturing regulatory body;

    a.By commissioning an internal INTERPOL committee to look over regulation

    7.Encourages nations to dispose of any excessive stockpiling of weapons;

    a.To prevent the spread of excess weapons,

    b.To reduce arms trafficking;

    8.Emphasizes the need for harsher gun licensing laws in a nation;

    a.To prevent weapons getting into the hands of those wishing to cause harm to others,

    b.To help curve the amount of small arms and light weapons in society,

    c.Encourages the mental health checks are necessary in the licensing of weapons,

    d.Encourages the assessment of the owners’ necessity of defence;

    9.Remains actively seized on the matter.

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