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    First News Article Regarding Espionage

    INTERPOL Staff

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    First News Article Regarding Espionage Empty First News Article Regarding Espionage

    Post by INTERPOL Staff on Sat May 17, 2014 8:33 pm

    The Washington Post
    Saturday, May 17, 2014

    Israeli Spies Caught in Switzerland, Attempting to Infiltrate Federal Chancellor’s Electronic Devices

    Amidst the worldwide hysteria regarding the NSA and global espionage, the international community has found yet another reason to be outraged at the various governments that have implemented world-wide spying systems. Switzerland has released a statement to countries around the world that Israeli spies were found attempting to infiltrate and monitor the phone, laptop, and tablet of the Swiss Federal Chancellor, Corina Casanova. As an officially neutral country, Switzerland has blamed the Israeli government for an act of aggression against a country that has not had a history of military conflict for decades. Other neutral countries around the world now fear potential compromise of confidential governmental information, and question the legality of this unwarranted attack.

    Earlier today, a representative from the Israeli government released a press report that Israel’s espionage systems were simply for defensive purposes because the country itself is located in a politically tumultuous region. However, this flagrant contradiction of Israel’s foreign policy has invoked no response from the government.

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    First News Article Regarding Espionage Empty Re: First News Article Regarding Espionage

    Post by INTERPOL_Israel on Sat May 17, 2014 8:56 pm

    Israeli Apologizes for Swiss Financial Infiltration

    In light of recent media reveals of Israeli scandal, an agent of the Mossad have made a public announcement, “The Israeli government and the Israeli Department of Defense are deeply regretful of recent accusations of spying. The Mossad have picked up a trace of Hezbollah militants, and were in active pursuit of them. The trace let to Switzerland, and during the circumstances, were unable to consult the Swiss government at the cost of years’ worth of intelligence and the lives of multiple Mossad agents.”

    Due to valuable intelligence provided by the Egyptian and Indian secret services, Hezbollah militants were being tracked by Mossad Agents, and a trace was discovered of an imminent hack of Corina Casanova’s electronic devices. At the risk of the trace going cold, Mossad agents infiltrated the chancellor’s devices, in a bid to find out what was secretly retrieved.
    Israel is willingly to enter into talks with the government of Switzerland, to discuss the embarrassing turn out of events, and to clarify any misunderstands that have arisen. The delegation of Israel has sent an agent in good faith to the Vancouver INTERPOL summit of 2014 in good faith, and hopes to repair any faults caused by the diplomatic fallout.

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