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    BILL C-08 C.A.S.E.

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    BILL C-08 C.A.S.E.  Empty BILL C-08 C.A.S.E.

    Post by HHOC Staff on Sat May 17, 2014 8:13 pm

    An Act to found C.A.S.E. (Canadian Association for Space Exploration)

    The C.A.S.E. Act, 1970

    Whereas: Last year, NASA landed the first men on the Moon

    And Whereas: Space Exploration is the final frontier for humanity to explore.

    And Whereas: There is no Canadian national space agency to regulate our exploration of space.

    And Whereas: There is an increased public interest in space exploration.

    And Whereas: Space exploration would provide a new avenue for Canadian influence and power.


    1. C.A.S.E. is founded to regulate and expand Canadian involvement in extraterrestrial affairs.

    2. A ministry for space exploration is created in order to monitor and expand our affairs off planet. This department is to be headed by the Minister for Science and Space Exploration.
    a. No military installations will be put into place
    b. The purpose of C.A.S.E. is to explore and exploit the resources of space

    3. C.A.S.E. is mandated to be the leader in space technology and exploration.

    4. The first vessel into space shall be commanded by a unit of experts.

    5. C.A.S.E. shall have its headquarters in Regina, and expand its operations to provide jobs to all Canadians.

    6. C.A.S.E. will be 51 percent funded by the government and 49 percent funded by both foreign investors and private donors.

    7. Space explorers of C.A.S.E. will be taken from the Canadian forces, to undergo Space specific training.

    8. C.A.S.E. will enter into talks with NASA to work together to exploit new positions and technologies as they become available.

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