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    Idea for the rescue of the scientests thread


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    Idea for the rescue of the scientests thread Empty Idea for the rescue of the scientests thread

    Post by DISEC_Djibouti on Sat May 17, 2014 12:36 am

    The delegations of Iran and Djibouti have submitted and pass the following directives:

    Sponsors: Iran, Djibouti
    1. Recommends countries to monitor activities of terrorist organizations within their own country.
    2. Increase monitoring of movement of large amount of nuclear weapon resources
    3.Increase security of internal and international borders
    4.No accusations should be made upon any state until evidence proves so beyond question
    5.Asks the IAEA to disclose what the scientists were investigating in Pakistan
    6.Encourages The United States, and other capable nations, to use their own advanced electronic and aerial surveillance programs to help in the locating of the missing scientists.
    7.Encourage the Nation of Pakistan to allow a peaceful search force into their state in the aid of the search.
    8.Increase overall vigilance in the region by all nations

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