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    New Resolution on Territorial Dispute and Undersea Resources

    Pact of Pack

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    New Resolution on Territorial Dispute and Undersea Resources Empty New Resolution on Territorial Dispute and Undersea Resources

    Post by Pact of Pack on Fri May 16, 2014 6:57 pm

    Hi Delegates,

    Here is a new resolution on the web, please support and give us comments so we can improve the resolution. Wink  

    Draft Resolution 1.0
    Canada International Model United Nations 2014
    Disarmament and International Security Committee
    Topic: Territorial Disputes and Underwater Resources
    Sponsors: Pakistan, China, Cuba, Thailand, Iran, Singapore
    Signatories: Germany, Morocco, Bhutan

    The Disarmament and International Security Committee,
    Emphasizing that foreign influence shall not be allowed to intervene the territorial disputes,
    Recognizing the history of the disputed territories,
    Deeply concerned with the presence of military powers in south China Sea,
    Further Deploring the violence in disputed territories,
    Expecting responsible exploitation of South China Sea,

    1.Establishes a forum open for bilateral negotiations between claimant nations and organizations including:
    a. People’s Republic of China,
    b. Malaysia,
    c. India,
    d. Republic of China (Taiwan),
    e. Japan,
    f. Vietnam,
    g. Indonesia,
    h. South Korea;

    2. Calls all nations in the region to retreat into their Exclusive Economic Zones until a ruling is made by the International Court of Justice;

    3. Encourages countries with overlapping Exclusive Economic Zone to settle disputes bilaterally;

    4. Draws the attention to China’s relaxation of the “9 Dotted line” and agreeing to a fair international settlement

    5. Demands nations, local or foreign to South China Sea, to retreat all military forces from South China Sea;

    6. Requests all claimant nations to cease domestic unrest and riots targeting citizens of other claimant nations;

    7. Urges the claimant countries to pause the partial exploiting activities, and increase international cooperation, especially cooperations among private companies;

    8. Designates a Committee for Cooperative Exploitation of Natural Resources in SCS, composed of delegates from claimant countries, with following duties:
    a. Allocate resources for specific claimant countries to exploit,
    b. Resolves conflicts between individual claimant countries through a jury composed of
    representatives from claimant countries not directly involved in the conflict;

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