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    Solutions for Costa Rica---God bless Costa Rica!


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    Solutions for Costa Rica---God bless Costa Rica! Empty Solutions for Costa Rica---God bless Costa Rica!

    Post by WHO_CostaRica on Sun May 18, 2014 4:48 am

    The delegate of Costa Rica' s heart has broken into pieces at the knowldeg of this crisis. However Costa Rica believes that it is imperative to stop crying and start healing. At the moment Costa Rica has a collection of ideas regarding solutions; and below is a brief summarization these ideas in point form:
    -International cooperation
    -border security monitoring system (trading&commercial airlines to be paused), isolation
    -Aid from countries that are sooooo smart enough to recognize that this outbreak is not merely a Costa Rican domestical issue, it is a international issue as the outbreak will effect other nations without effective bacterium controlling measures taken immediately
    -Methods of controlling the growth of TB---is it feasible/ practical to develop new drugs? If no, what other treatments can we implement?

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