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    Draft Resolution 3.2

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    Draft Resolution 3.2 Empty Draft Resolution 3.2

    Post by SPECPOL Staff on Sun May 18, 2014 4:09 am

    Canada International Model United Nations 2014
    Special, Political, and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)
    Working Paper 3.2
    Sponsors: Libya, Bulgaria, Jordan, Lebanon
    Signatories: Grenada, Kenya, Honduras, Maldives, Italy, Czech Republic, Libya, Bulgaria, Jordan, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Madagascar, Norway, Nepal, New Zealand, Indonesia, Republic of Tonga, United Kingdom, Sweden

    Special, Political, and Decolonization Committee,

    Deeply concerned by the human right violations and safety risks which are currently in existence in the mines of Ghana,

    Recognizes the mining industry as the largest contributor to the economy of Ghana and the consequences of closing this mine,

    Understanding that there is no training or safety equipment provided, and that no steps have been taken to ensure the safety of miners,

    Stressing the need to temporarily close the mine until the working conditions may be brought to proper standards as to be outlined by the SPECPOL committee;

    1. Condemns the multiple flagrant human rights violations performed by the multinational corporation Vigilant, including;
    a. illegitimate employment;
    b. disqualified safety equipment;
    c. lack of safety acknowledgment;

    2. Reminds the committee that the safety of the lives of workers and their basic human rights must be of the utmost importance to Vigilant,

    3. Calls upon Vigilant to cease further operations in their mines in order to construct the needed safety upgrades for the well-being of the mine’s workers by;
    a. First fixing the mines that need the least amount of upgrades to the mines that need the most amount of upgrades, but to time the upgrades as to perform them in a timely manner;

    4. Endorses the use of economic tariffs, embargoes and sanctions be imposed on Vigilant if they do not comply, in that order, by the countries of SPECPOL

    5. Declares accordingly that Vigilant needs to continue to pay these workers as the mines are being updated, as they willfully built these mines without the proper safety considerations, and therefore should be held liable for all costs incurred because of this;

    6. Emphasizes the point that these human right violations are an international offense and need to be treated as such therefore:
    a. if Vigilant does not comply with the regulations SPECPOL may impose that the offenders be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court;
    b. Vigilant be given the ultimatum to abide by regulations or also face permanent closure if a solutions are not galvanized;

    7. Requests Vigilance to pay a living wage to each of its workers as to
    a. Increase the living standards within Ghana;
    b. Stimulate a stronger growth in the economy of Ghana following the United Nations Charter of Human Rights;
    c. Be able to support themselves as well as others who are dependant on them;

    8. Requests Vigilance to provide training for workers as to enable their acknowledgement of safety;

    9. Encourages the creation of a joint UN body to observe the mandatory safety considerations put in place;
    a. If failed, the mine must be temporarily closed down until it has been fixed to meet the rights mentioned in the United Nations Charter of Rights;

    10. Remains actively seized on the matter.

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