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    Please review over Crisis Working Paper 3.1 by China and USA


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    Please review over Crisis Working Paper 3.1 by China and USA  Empty Please review over Crisis Working Paper 3.1 by China and USA

    Post by SPECPOL_USA on Sun May 18, 2014 3:40 am

    Hey guys, our paper is as follows. If you would like to be a signatory please let me know! Thank you for your kind cooperation.

    Crisis Working Paper 3.1
    Sponsors: People’s Republic of China, United States of America
    Signatories: Australia, Austria, Chad, Finland, Guatemala, Laos,
    Humanitarian Crisis in Ghana

    The Special, Political and Decolonization Committee,

    Recognizing that the Ghanaian workers rely highly upon the jobs offered by Vigilant, currently,

    Regretting the lack of enforcement of safety regulations in the affected African nations,

    Concerned with the international safety regulation violation initiated by the multinational corporation, Vigilant,

    Seeking immediate action conducted by SPECPOL to prevent any more humanitarian rights violation,

    1. Condemns the presence of the company Vigilant in the African region and further condemns any involvement or possible future support by the United States of America;

    2. Demands that Vigilant immediately give up the authority over the mines in Ghana and any influence in surrounding countries and in the case that Vigilant does not abide by this clause SPECPOL will:
    a) Pose economic sanctions on Vigilant,
    b) Condemn any deals made between countries and Vigilant;

    3. Reaffirms the basic workers’ rights and the safety regulations set on mines created by the international community;
    a) Calls upon the evaluation of the safety regulations within the mine, and taking action accordingly,
    b) Ensures that all workers will retain their rights as listed on the UN Charter of Human Rights

    4. Approves the temporary closure of the mines until Vigilant authority has been terminated under the condition that:
    a) Compensation will be provided to workers affected by this closure,
    b) Able SPECPOL nations will be encouraged to give financial aid to Ghana;

    5. Invites China to resume the mine development in Ghana and United States of America to largely eradicate the influence of Vigilant under the condition that:
    a) China and USA will submit a monthly report regarding its progress and status quo in Ghana specifically:
    i) the worker’s conditions in Ghana
    ii) the safety regulations required in the mine structures
    iii) all the profit of the mine extraction and their uses and transactions
    iv) the general standard of life in Ghana
    v) the human rights of the workers in Ghana;
    b) China and USA will be open to active monitoring by SPECPOL and any other United Nations body,
    c) The Ghanaian government will have the capability to express its opinions in the involvement of China and USA through reports sent to SPECPOL;

    6. Encourages SPECPOL to remain actively seized of the matter and be extra watchful on the safety regulation enforcements in developing nations;

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