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    Passed UNSC Directives - Midnight Crisis

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    Passed UNSC Directives - Midnight Crisis Empty Passed UNSC Directives - Midnight Crisis

    Post by UNSC Staff on Sun May 18, 2014 2:57 am

    All directives passed by the Security Council will be posted on this thread.

    DIRECTIVE #1 (1:12am)
    1. Officially condemns the attacks on Egyptian citizens;
    2. Supports Egypt’s ongoing efforts to discover and bring to justice the perpetrators behind the attacks
        a. The United States, Russia and China will offer military intelligence aid if it    is requested;
        b. The P5 nations will co-operate with Egypt on the ongoing investigation to assure impartiality
        c. Encourages Egypt to withdraw its troop concentrations from the border following the reestablishment of regional stability;
    3. Orders the Suez Canal be opened to allow passage of necessary medical supplies into the Egyptian region

    DIRECTIVE #2 (1:48am)
    If the allegations against Algeria have been proven, then the United Nations Security Council will enact sanctions on Iran and Algeria.

    DIRECTIVE #3 (9:48am)
    Supports the efforts of all nations currently deploying missile defence systems in response to the recent nuclear developments, particularly NATO in the Mediterranean region.

    DIRECTIVE #4 (10:28am)
    Supports the efforts of all countries in the region, including global superpowers, to deploy forces to:
    a) Take countermeasures against the radioactive crash site to minimize the radioactive damage including:
    i)deploying aid
    ii)deploying radioactive clean up workers
    iii)deploying CBRN reconnaissance
    b) Investigate possible covert nuclear deployments around the Middle East

    DIRECTIVE #5 (10:44am)
    1. Fully supports the joint USA-Chinese invasion plan known as 'Operation Death Penalty' against Australia with the official song being "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira.
    2. Demands all UNSC nuclear weapons states launch nuclear warheads at Somalia
    3. Endorses the 'USA + China <3 Iran Destruction Plan' dubbed "Operation Sadboys"
    4. Declares the official slogan of the UNSC to be "USA + China 5eva" and further requires that all future UNSC resolutions contain this phrase.
    5. Endorses an attack on Algeria by the USA and China
    6. Declares Egypt to be 'Open Season' for any nations to attack at will.
    7. US and Chinese bombers loaded with napalm will burn the following pattern into the Iranian landscape:Passed UNSC Directives - Midnight Crisis 10374212

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