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    Post by SPECPOL Staff on Sun May 18, 2014 2:53 am

    Crisis in Ghana

    It has been found that multi-corporation, Vigilent, which has extension branches in a multitude of developing nations, has created a monopoly on mineral, most notably diamonds, extraction in Ghana. Upon investigation, Vigilent has been found to abuse many labour and human rights standards of its workers. However, the people remain dependent and tied down to this dangerous career due to the scarcity of jobs in the region. Ghana, a poorer nation, does not have the resources to effectively deal with this mining company, furthermore, it is also not known at this time if the Ghanian government is in accordance, as it is not known what the mutual benefits are with an agreement with Vigilent.

    To further escalate the alarming situation, there has been a tip that the infrastructure of Vigilent’s mines do not abide by international safety laws and that quick measure must be taken in order to secure the safety of its workers worldwide.

    The alarm is whether this crisis will be extended to other nations as companies, such as Vigilent have extensive power in foreign economically weaker nations.

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