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    Active Directives

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    Active Directives

    Post by FIFA Staff on Sun May 18, 2014 2:32 am

    Current Directives:
    -Request that interpol be involved in the investigation of kidnapping +Regional and federal Police
    Interpol has officially launched an investigation.

    -Border Control
    Response: Brazilian Officials have increased border security, however with the influx of tourists for the World Cup have had a hard time         effectively checking everyone.

    -Statements of gang information
    Three Most Active Gangs: Amigos Dos Amigos, Terceiro Comando, Comando Vermelho.

    -All able nations to surveillance (satellites and drones)
    Unfortunately, the surrounding nations intelligence agencies have refused to help with such a "trivial" manner.

    -Track ADA IP address
    Failed to track however, we now have open communication via Skype text message with the ADA.

    -Track movement and activity of ADA.
    ADA officials seen entering the Nigerian Embassy.

    -Open negotiations with Amigos
    Need specific message.
    Invited representative.

    -Where did payment come from?
    Payment was given in the form of 3 trillion Naira

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