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    BILL C-18 The Normalization of Marijuana Act

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    BILL C-18 The Normalization of Marijuana Act

    Post by HHOC Staff on Sat May 17, 2014 9:45 pm

    The Normalization of Marijuana Act, 1970

    WHEREAS possible tax money from marijuana trade is given to gangs and other dangerous individuals and organizations

    AND WHEREAS gangs benefit from the illicit trade of marijuana

    AND WHEREAS the illegality of marijuana wastes civil services and police resources

    AND WHEREAS prison space is used up on citizens who possess marijuana which has an economic toll


    1. Marijuana be declassified from an uncontrolled, illegal substance to a controlled, legal substance, with relevant areas of the Canadian Criminal Code being amended or subtracted to support this legalization.
    a. All citizens in the criminal justice system for possession/consumption of marijuana to be pardoned henceforth

    2. A government agency be created to organize and oversee the development of:
    a) Relevant infrastructure to the creation of a nationalized marijuana industry
    b) Distribution of marijuana, and
    c) Any other aspect necessary to seamlessly transform this substance into a legal part of Canadian society.

    3. Regulations be established in a similar manner to those of alcohol, including but not being limited to:
    a) Minimum ages being set to eighteen for both:
    i) Purchasing marijuana
    ii) Consuming marijuana

    b) The creation of separate marijuana production and distribution licenses to be issued to both industrial and commercial producers and distributors of marijuana

    c) The establishment of provincially-controlled Marijuana Control Boards, in accordance with pre-existing provincially mandated marijuana laws (in the same method that alcohol is regulated provincially) to easily manage the majority of marijuana distribution locations.

    d) The establishment of appropriate methods of ensuring that, in the case of driving, proper safety regulations are created to:
    i) Measure concentration of marijuana-derived intoxicating chemicals in the bloodstream (much like measuring alcohol through a breathalyzer) to ensure that DUIs are prevented

    ii) Establish safe limits of what constitutes a common ‘dose’ of marijuana-derived chemicals, to be used in the industrialized creation of marijuana-based food and drink products that will be sold on the public market.

    4. Revenue Canada create the basis for provincially-controlled marijuana production and sales taxes that, after a transitional period, would eventually change hands to being completely under provincial jurisdiction, much like alcohol taxes.
    a. Fixed 10 percent Federal tax, and a maximum of 15 percent Provincial tax

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