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    Post by HHOC Staff on Sat May 17, 2014 5:20 pm

    Whereas: Abortion as primarily and solely the mothers choice is currently illegal nationwide as noted in section 251 of the Criminal Code (Pro-Choice Action Network).

    Whereas: Women are currently required to receive approval from a committee of doctors, the majority of the doctors being male (Gallop).

    Whereas: Doctors performing abortions on women who weren’t accepted for legal hospital abortions as approved by the council may face several months in prison (Pro-Choice Action Network).

    Whereas: On average only 1/30 women are approved for their requested abortion (Gallop).


    1. Doctors may legally choose to be selected for an abortion license.
    a. Willing doctors may choose to be evaluated by Health Canada before being issued a license.
    i. Demanding all doctors provided with the license be allowed to perform abortions to their discretion with certain restrictions (see clause 2).

    2. Doctors may perform abortions on women until the fetus has developed to a certain extent.
    a. Abortions may be denied to women who have exceeded 20 weeks in their pregnancy due to development of the fetus.
    b. If a women exceeds the prescribed period due to a situation where she wouldn’t know that she is pregnant, she may be granted an abortion.

    3. Women choosing to abort their pregnancy must tell a medical practitioner on the reasons as to why the abortion is being carried out.

    4. Women aborting their pregnancy are not to be subject to criticism, discrimination or viewed as an offender of the law.
    a. Employment and Social Development will oversee that women who have had an abortion may not be subject to employment discrimination.
    b. Abortion history is not be taken into account by the RCMP or the Supreme Court of Canada if the subject is charged and/or tried for future criminal offenses.

    5. Women both post and pre abortion are subject to certain benefits or aid.
    a. The Canadian Mental Health Association will provide counseling/therapy for women post or pre abortion if they so choose.
    b. Finance Canada to provide underprivileged women with bursaries if they cannot afford the procedure on their own.

    6. The Young Mother’s Committee: A regulatory/exploratory set body to ascertain the situation of new mothers in all provinces to ensure the financial situation of said persons is secured, and will report findings to the House for response.

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    Post by HHoC_GW on Sat May 17, 2014 5:30 pm

    AWESOME JOB GUYS Smile WE got this bill passed efficiently and promptly. BEST COMMITTEE EVER

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