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    BILL C-07 VIETNAM WAR ACT (1970)

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    BILL C-07 VIETNAM WAR ACT (1970) Empty BILL C-07 VIETNAM WAR ACT (1970)

    Post by HHOC Staff on Sat May 17, 2014 5:10 pm

    Vietnam War Act (1970)

    WHEREAS Canadian companies have sold C$2.5 billion worth of war materials, and another C$10 billion in army supplies to the US;

    AND WHEREAS the change in unemployment rate that the production has brought, a low record of 3.9%;

    AND WHEREAS the Gross Domestic Product of Canada is continuously increasing;

    AND WHEREAS the supply and demand of the market would be highly affected with the sudden rise of unemployment;

    AND WHEREAS the spread of communism will not be stopped if bordering states with Vietnam (Laos, Cambodia) are not protected;

    1. No restrictions on private companies supplying weapons, munitions, to the USA and to South Vietnam
    a. A ban on the sale of arms to the aggressors of the South Vietnam conflict

    2. Any non-active duty Canadian forces member may volunteer for the side of South Vietnam

    3. The 11th, 12th and 24th reserve field Ambulance to be sent to South Vietnam to assist in the treatment of ALL casualties
    a. The 31st reserve light infantry to be sent to guard the units only to act in self-defense

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