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    Draft Resolution 1.1 (Croatia, Belgium, Malta, Sweden, Spain)


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    Draft Resolution 1.1 (Croatia, Belgium, Malta, Sweden, Spain) Empty Draft Resolution 1.1 (Croatia, Belgium, Malta, Sweden, Spain)

    Post by EEA_Croatia on Sat May 17, 2014 12:36 pm

    Suggestions welcome, changes probably necessary.

    Draft Resolution 1.1
    Canada International Model United Nations 2014
    European Environment Agency
    Topic: Minimizing Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy Generation
    Sponsors: Croatia, Belgium, Malta, Sweden, Spain
    Signatories: Netherlands, Latvia, Turkey, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Romania, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia
    The European Environment Agency,
    Cognizant of the shortcomings existing in various forms of energy production and renewable energy production existing in the wide variety of needs and situations of different countries,
    Expressing delight by the potential in the advancements in technology and what can be achieved,
    Expressing its appreciation for the plethora of prepositions that have been brought to light by other nations and proposed resolutions,
    Taking into account the countries possessing a lack in natural resources, finances and strategies that do not have the ability to adopt these method,
    Emphasizing the need to make any solutions available, affordable and practical to all members of the international community taking into account the neediest of nations,
    Further deploring the contribution of ideas, strategies, solutions, support and funding from countries with an abundance in experience, resources and financial support,
    1.      Focuses on the great potential of achieving the seemingly impossible through the increasing advancement of technology and continued scientific research;
    2.      Proposes the further development of current methods of current and non-renewable energy development sources including:
    a.       The improvement and further development of hydro-electric power generation,
                                                                  i.      Keeping in mind the possibility of the option of micro hydro energy production and hydrogen energy storage,
    b.      Scientific research improving the efficiency and energy output of photovoltaic cells,
                                                                  i.      Discussing the possibility of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) including developments in the parabolic trough systems, dish/engine systems and solar power towers,
    c.       Possibility of the alternate fuelling systems compatible with presently used systems,
                                                                  i.      In regards to the use of biomass and alternate combustion fuels,
    d.      Regulations regarding the use of wind power generation, technologies and strategies,
                                                                  i.      With respect to the use of land previously disturbed and the improved efficiency and use of urban and rural space;
    3.      Suggests an improvement of energy grid infrastructure in European Unions to create unified structure and technology,
    a.       To insure that the energy grid is up to date with current technology, efficiency standards and strategies in order to maximize possible efficiency and reduce energy loss in the infrastructure;
    4.      Calls upon European nations to continue debate, discussion and cooperation on mater regarding guidelines, goals, restrictions and treaties,
    a.       With understanding that nations may have a variety of long-term interests;
    5.      Endorses a multi-national joint venture without political bias of leading scientists, engineers, designers and technicians on the continual collaborative development of technology, infrastructure and strategies,
    a.       With the purpose of continually maximizing efficiency and production while minimizing pollution and influence on surrounding environments,
    b.      Hoping for the development of fresh and innovative technology,    
    c.       Emphasizing the cooperation and co-use of funding, technology and resources,
    d.      Calls upon the nations with whatever experience, monetary resources and technology available to contribute as much as possible;
    6.      Affirms the need to protect the environment as much as possible and minimize physical influence in geography, surrounding ecosystems, and air and water pollution,
    a.       Suggest the use of previously disturbed lands and abandoned industrial sites to accommodate renewable energy production functions.
    b.      Setting strict legislations with the purpose of maintaining rigid standards with respect to air and water pollutions,      
                                                                  i.      Achieved through the constant maintenance and regulation of renewable energy generation plants;
    7.      Implores the cooperation of all countries with any capabilities,
    a.       Maintaining that protecting the environment should be a global collaborative effort.

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    Draft Resolution 1.1 (Croatia, Belgium, Malta, Sweden, Spain) Empty merger

    Post by EEA_Austria on Sat May 17, 2014 4:47 pm

    austria thinks a merger would have been the best but due to the current situation, passing both draft resolutions would be the best option--
    but the working paper looks good!

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