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    Non-Negotiation Directives - Iran & Djibouti


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    Non-Negotiation Directives - Iran & Djibouti Empty Non-Negotiation Directives - Iran & Djibouti

    Post by DISEC_Iran on Sat May 17, 2014 10:59 am

    Thank you for voting and taking this directive into consideration.

    1. Calls upon the terrorists for immediate and unconditional release of the scientists or else steps will be taken to ensure the safety and release of the scientists
    2. Strongly encourages nations to not negotiate with terrorists
    3. Strongly asks nations to not pay the ransom for this will only boost future terrorist activities and encourage kidnapping as their form of financial support
    4. Increase surveillance and monitoring of  terrorist movements and all activities in Afghanistan
    5. Ask all intelligence agencies to cooperate and share all relative intelligence on possible terrorist groups

    - Iran

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