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    Post by SPECPOL_Belgium on Sat May 17, 2014 10:57 am

    Working Paper 1.1
    Sponsors: Belgium, Canada, Japan, the United States of America, the the United Kingdom

    Signatories: Afghanistan, Brazil, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, India, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Somalia, Switzerland
    Topic: Russian Astronauts Trapped In International Space Station

    The Special Political and Decolonization Committee:

    Recognizing the dire situation and immediate danger that the Russian astronauts are currently in,

    Emphasizes the importance of the nation responsible for this crisis solving the situation,

    Having taken note that international participation of all nations in resolving this crisis remains unlikely, as many nations do not play a significant role in outer space,

    Reminding all nations that the People’s Republic of China has never been a part in the International Space Station, and that relying on their technology to resolve this issue would not be the most efficient way forward,

    Encourages direct members of the ISS to participate in ISS’s welfare
    Questions China’s true motives

    Stresses the importance of placing human life above all else;

    1.Encourages all nations to participate in the safe return of the Russian Astronauts by signing a resolution paper,

    2. Strongly urges the United States of America, Japan and Canada to become the main members that will launch the rockets into outer space,

    3. Calls upon the Russian Federation to agree with the following conditions;
    a) the Russian Federation will fund the majority of the rescue mission, since they are the ones responsible for the issue in the first place
    b) the Russian Federation will release information as to exactly why they were testing missiles at the International Space Station, thereby becoming more transparent

    4. Solemnly affirms the safe verified return of the astronauts should the conditions be met

    5. Requests the immediate evaluation of the missiles onboard the ISS
    a) Calls upon the United States of America to immediately monitor the activity of these missiles to ensure that no treaties are violated;
    b) Ensures the missiles are simply prototypes and not meant as a means of offensive action;

    6.Strongly condemns any nation sending weapons to the ISS through any means.

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