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    North Korea is True Korea


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    North Korea is True Korea Empty North Korea is True Korea

    Post by INTERPOL_Egypt on Sat May 17, 2014 4:28 am

    ***WARNING: The following post is not endorsed nor will it be recognized by the SANE Egyptian delegate in interpol. Therefore, its contents can be categorically be defined as a "troll" post.***

    - north korea is true korea
    - the dprk is committed to solving international problems that plague our world today, how? we go about to solve these problems through practical solutions; the short list below shows us some of the innovative solutions that dprk has successfully integrated these policies into our society

    - Obesity: whereas many western countries are plagued with this problem, the dprk has found a really effective solution that has completely eradicated this health problem off the face of our great nation; how? the true korean government rations the diet of each individual citizen in our great nation - this solution was initiated after intensive research of the documentary "Supersize ME"
    - Unemployment: whereas many citizens in western countries are having problems trying to find jobs, the dprk bypassed this problem by simply delegating appropriate jobs for all our fellow citizens. by doing this, we created a highly motivated and efficient workforce; one may ask how dprk deals with individuals who refuse to follow these simple instructions, the answer: the true korean society has no use for individuals in our harmonious society, therefore these cases will be handled with the appropriate amount of force (also known in the official dprk vocabulary as shot)
    - Cyber Warfare: whereas many western nations are suffering from security leaks as well as the onslaught of domestic cyber crimes, the dprk is proud to announce that we have not been subject to any form of cyber attack; this is due to the excellent quality of our technology, it may be old (mostly donated by either ussr or china), but as the old adage says, time is the ultimate and only test of quality

    ***END OF TROLL***

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