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    Djibouti working paper 1.0 tell me what you think


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    Djibouti working paper 1.0   tell me what you think Empty Djibouti working paper 1.0 tell me what you think

    Post by DISEC_Djibouti on Fri May 16, 2014 11:52 pm

    Committee: DISEC
    Topic: Territorial Disputes and Underwater Resources
    Sponsors: Chile, Brazil, Djibouti, South Africa
    Signatories: Cypress, Pakistan, Thailand, Belgium, South Korea, Croatia, Denmark, Austria, Japan, Indonesia, Cuba, Spain, Finland, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Iceland, Israel, Luxemburg
    Emphasising the use international law, and objective judgment to properly disperse territory to its rightful sovereignty.
    Acknowledging the need to revise the laws stated by the UNCLOS
    Recognizing the issues of trans-boundary resource grounds
    Notes the need for security in the de-militarized zone to protect trade routes
    To encourage the peaceful resolution of territorial disputes involving open water borders, exclusive economic zones, and the settlement problems relating to trans-boundary resource fields. The following must be implemented by DISEC in order to achieve a successful solution:

    1. Encourages all territory disputes involving directly to the International Court of Justice for final judgement as to who the rightful owner is.
    a. All judgement will be done in a multi-lateral fashion, having all involved parties testifying in one case
    b. Judgments will include rightful ownership of territory
    c. Judgements will include new boundaries of Exclusive Economic zones

    2. Recommends that until a final judgement is made regarding the territory disputes, all territory involved shall be fully demilitarized.
    a. The demilitarization will be done on a timed schedule
    i. Within 1 month 20% of forces in effected region shall be removed.
    ii. Within 4 months 60% of forces in effect region shall be removed.
    iii. Within 6 months 100% of forces in effected region shall be removed.

    3. Requests that any trans-boundary resource grounds shall be split between involved nations
    a. Division of resources will be decided by percentage of the grounds located in an involved country.
    i. Amounts of resources allowed to extract will correspond directly to this percentage

    4. Encourages the sixth committee to amend the UNCLOS
    a. Specifically to add sections regarding the punishment of nations that do not abide by the treaty
    i. This can be in the form of economic, trade, military sanctions; and boycotts

    5. Supports the use of a U.N. peacekeeping force to provide security to all trade routes in demilitarized area.
    a. Requiring support from the United Nations Security Council.

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