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    Working Paper 1.0

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    Working Paper 1.0 Empty Working Paper 1.0

    Post by UNSC Staff on Fri May 16, 2014 7:53 pm

    United Nations Security Council
    CAIMUN 2014
    Sponsors: China, USA, Australia, Jordan
    Topic: Conflict in the Central African Republic

    The General Assembly,

    Stressing the importance of protecting the citizens of the Central African Republic (CAR),

    Noting with concern the potential for the situation to escalate into an ethnic cleansing,

    Lamenting the casualties and human rights violations that have already transpired in the Central African Republic,

    Noting the multi-dimensional origins of the inter-factional conflict currently taking place in this republic,

    Recognizing the CAR’s history with dictatorships and with religious discrimination,

    Bearing in mind the need for immediate humanitarian aid to address the needs of civilians affected by the crisis,

    Desiring the creation of a truly democratic government, that properly represents CAR’s citizens,

    Emphasising the use of peaceful means to resolve the conflict in CAR,

    Fully aware that violence may be necessary to end conflict and ensure the safety of civilians,

    Acknowledging the necessity of both short-term and long-term solutions to maintain stability,

    1.Authorizes the expansion of the current United Nations Security Council peacekeeping mission to the Central African Republic, particularly via:
    a.) Additional troop commitment from all United Nations member states willing and able to do so;
    b.) Greater co-operation with national governments, such as France, China, and the USA, who already have some form of military engagement in the region;
    c.) Additional funding for logistics and material support;

    2. Calls upon the governments of any willing and able nations to contribute military and humanitarian aid to the impartial rehabilitation of the Central African Republic as follows:
    a.) Luxembourg, Russia, Lithuania, Korea, United Kingdom, Australia, Rwanda, USA, China, Chad, Chile will provide humanitarian support for any initiatives proposed under the jurisdiction of the WHO;
    i.) Working with current Central African Republic troop

    3. Recognizes the special role of the United States and China in resolving the ongoing conflict, such as expanded commitment of logistical and aerial support to the area, including:
    a.) The deployment of numerous unmanned drones for the purposes of:
    i.) Conducting reconnaissance missions and gather
    ii.) Potential strikes on enemy combatants
    b.) The commitment of a small number of transport aircraft for the purposes of moving troops and supplies;

    4. Authorizes the deployment of a peacekeeping force containing:
    a) A brigade sized formation of French Army infantry already present in the CAR;
    b) A brigade sized formation of US Army infantry;
    c) A brigade sized formation of People’s Liberation Army infantry forces;
    d) A brigade sized formation of mixed nationalities commanded by an Australian with:
    i) A battalion sized formation of Chilean Army infantry
    ii) A battalion sized formation of Australian Army infantry
    iii) A battalion sized formation of Jordanian Army infantry
    iv) A battalion sized formation of Rwandan Army infantry
    v) A Australian logistical support unit
    e) Airlift support provided and coordinated by the RAF, USAF, Armée de l’Air, and People's Liberation Army Air Force cargo aircraft to support the peacekeeping activities of all nations
    f) Drone contribution by China and the USA, with each party contributing an equal number and with all strikes approved by joint command
    g) Helicopter support provided by each nation as needed for their own forces and for forces that request support
    h) A Joint Special Operations Unit commanded by an US military commander:
    i)With 1 Battalion of US Army special forces permanently deployed
    ii)With 1 Company of Jordanian Army special forces permanently deployed
    iii)All other special forces provided by all militarily participating nations as needed
    iv)All actions, both covert and not, must be approved by high command
    i) A joint military high command:
    j) Commanded by a Chinese officer
    k) Deputy Commanded by a French Officer
    l) With a US chief of staff
    m) With staff officers from France, the USA, China, Australia, Jordan, Chile, and Rwanda
    n) All other joint commanders appointed by high command

    5. Authorizes the following units to be deployed as such:
    a) A french brigade deployed to secure Radon National Park without entering Sudan or South Sudan or letting others to leave Central African Republic;
    b) A U.S.A brigade to secure Bangui and surrounding area, as well as constant surveillance with drones;
    c) A Chinese brigade to secure Bamingui Bangoran National Park to the Reserve De Faune and drones providing surveillance;
    d) An Australia (one infantry battalion and one logistics battalion) and Jordan (one battalion) unit to secure Dzanga-Sangha National Park with large surrounding area;
    e) A Chilean and Rwandan (one battalion each) unit to secure Chinko Projected Area to the border of Central African Republic;
    f) New deployments may be authorized by the high command.

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